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Local Gender ID Laws:

January 2021 - read the WHRC submission to the Women and Equalities Select Committee on the reform of the Gender Recognition Act here.

In the UK there is no "gender identity" law.

WHRC statement: The Women’s Human Rights Campaign welcomes the news, reported in the Sunday Times on 14 June 2020, that the UK government has shelved plans to reform the Gender Recognition Act to allow self-identification of sex. We ask that it continue to listen to grass-roots women’s organisations as it reaffirms its commitment to single sex spaces as set out in the 2010 Equality Act and investigates the role of heavily funded lobbying organisations such as Stonewall in contributing to the unauthorised replacement of the protected characteristic of sex with “gender identity” throughout public life.

14 June 2020 - UK government to scrap proposed changes to the GRA which would allow self-ID. Plans are also likely to include national guidelines on provision of women-only spaces and safeguards put in place to bolster the 2010 Equality Act on single-se provision. The government also seeks to prevent children under 18 from accessing any treatment that would permanently alter their bodies. Article in The Sunday Times here.

The current age to access medical treatment without the consent of a parent or public authority is 16 in Scotland, 17 in England and 18 in Wales.

Latest news:

The UK government halts plans to alter the Gender Recognition Act 2004 to make it easier to change gender. Times article here.

Verdict in Harry Miller case - February 2020 - police found to have acted unlawfully over "transphobic" tweets. Article here.

Kate Scottow found guilty of sending "transphobic" tweets. Article here.

Maya Forstater loses employment tribunal. Tribunal finds that belief in biological sex is not "worthy of respect in a democratic society". Article here.

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