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Gender ID laws:

In Denmark gender identity laws are still on the rise. At this point children shall have the chance to legally change their social security number (your number in Denmark determined by your sex). As it is now only adults can do that.

The minimum age to request gender reassignment surgery is currently set at 18.

On January 1st 2017 Denmark was the first country in the world to remove transgenderism from the list of mental disorders. From 2014 legal gender reassignment was made possible when people over the age of 18 were allowed to change their social security number so it matched their identified gender. Allowing minors under 18 the right to legal gender reassignment is currently being considered.

Although Denmark was the first mover in these areas, trans ideology is still a relatively unknown phenomenon which has gained very little ground in the political debate. Things have still not reached a point where gender identification is given more importance than biological sex. Trans-gendered women do not have access to changing rooms for women or women's prisons, and in a number of areas distinctions are still made to biological sex rather than to identified gender.

The debate on this topic is currently mainly centred in the feminist and LGBT circles as it focuses on women's rights and lesbian and gay rights.

Trans ideology is gaining more attention in public debate. Especially since a group of trans activists denied a group of lesbians access to the The Women's House in Copenhagen. A place that feminist occupied in 1978 and which are supposed to be for women only. Trans activists claimed that this particular group of lesbians were bio-essentialists and transphobic.

A lot of lesbians feel betrayed by LGBT Denmark. LGBT Denmark has made it clear that they support trans rights regardless of the impact this may have on other groups within the organisation and like in the UK lesbians has made their own group as they do no longer feel represented by LGBT Denmark.