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DISCLAIMER: Women’s Declaration International (WDI) hosts a range of women from all over the world on Feminist Question Time (FQT) and Radical Feminist Perspectives (RFP) and on webinars hosted by country chapters – all have signed our Declaration or have known histories of feminist activism - but beyond that, we do not know their exact views or activism. WDI does not know in detail what they will say on webinars. The views expressed by speakers in these videos are not necessarily those of WDI and we do not necessarily support views or actions that speakers have expressed or engaged in at other times. As well as the position stated in our Declaration on Women’s Sex-based Rights, WDI opposes sexism, racism and anti-semitism. For more information see our Frequently Asked Questions or email [email protected]

NGOCSW66 - transcripts and videos of WDI talks


Invitation to Feminist Question Time - a women-only event

Programme Saturday 2nd June 3pm UK time - Invitation to Feminist Question Time LIVE - a women only event

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Denise Fahmy, UK, Intolerance in the arts

Lorraine Nowlin, USA, WDI USA, Black Women's Caucus Statement

Sarah Freeman, UK, Claiming Back the Women's Institute for Women.

Zuleyka Valentin, Pueto Rico, ¿Cuál es el futuro de la Oficina de la Procuradora de las Mujeres?

Delyth Rennie, UK, The Record holder for women's 5K running in Park Run is a man

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Radical Feminist Perspectives - Sundays at 10am UK time

Our weekly webinar series, Radical Feminist Perspectives, offers a chance to hear leading feminists discuss radical feminist theory and politics. Every Sunday at 10am UK time.

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Speaking Freely Part Two by Julia Penelope discussed by Julia Long

A live webinar on Sunday 4th June 2023 10am UK time.

Radical feminist perspectives - This series of webinars is run by radical feminists whose voices have been cancelled or silenced in universities, schools and the media. Frustrated that we cannot share what we know in these places, we are offering this online series of webinars here. Enjoy! For a searchable list of all videos click here: RFP - Books for website link.xlsx (womensdeclaration.com)

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Previous webinars:

Visit the WDI YouTube channel here for our extensive collection of videos from our previous webinars and launches. Our videos feature women from all over the world talking about women's rights, gender ideology and feminism in their countries.

The recordings are also available in audio format on our Anchor.fm podcast.

Webinar links and resources:

Women share a lot of useful links and resources during our webinars. See what has been shared during each webinar. You can also check out WDI's extensive collection of resources on the topic of gender identity and women's rights.