WDI International Conference 20-21 July 2024 London, UK

Gender Identity's Global Reach.

WDI invite you to a women only, international conference in London, UK (venue tbc) on 20 and 21 July 2024. Unfortunately the spread of gender identity politics has been swift and wide reaching. Women’s Declaration International has been working for five years to defend women’s sex based rights against this politics and has a declaration signed by 527 Organizations and 37,888 Individuals from 160 countries. We have experts from all over the world coming to discuss and share insights at the conference in London.

New Speaker announced for Sunday 21st July!

KELLIE-JAY KEEN -  Leader - Party of Women - Holding the Party Line

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Want to get involved? If you have skills or time to share WDI is always looking for volunteers to help us promote the Declaration throughout the world and protect the sex-based rights of women and girls. We currently need help with tech, translations, social media, and more!
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