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August 2021 - CSW complaint letters

8 July 2021 - letter to the Argentinian UN representative from WHRC Argentina - in Spanish and English

2 July 2021 - statement from WHRC on NGO CSW's "Affirmation of Feminist Principles"

18 June 2021 - statement from WHRC HQ

WHRC is disappointed to see that NGO CSW continues in its inability to prioritise the sex-based rights of women and girls. In a mass email sent out on Thursday 17 June by NGOCSW, the GEF (Generation Equality Forum) Civil Society Advisory Group asks people to sign up to a letter demanding that everybody involved in the GEF makes “intersectionality a core principle of our collective work” and that “women, girls and gender-diverse people” must be centred. WHRC fears that the GEF will be used to promote an agenda that seeks to diminish the sex-based rights of women and girls by insisting that men who claim a female ‘gender identity’ are admitted into the category of women, in direct contradiction to CEDAW principles. Article 1 of the Declaration on Women’s Sex-based Rights, promoted by WHRC, states that the rights of women are based on the category of sex. States, delegates and NGOs must uphold women’s sex-based rights as determined in CEDAW. 


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WHRC UK has published its first piece of research into the provision of single-sex accommodation and same-sex medical practitioners in NHS trusts in England and Wales. Download a copy here.




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WHRC letter to the UN, July 2020

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