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Women’s Rights, Gender Wrongs: the global impact of gender-identity ideology explores the diverse ways that the global spread of gender-identity ideology has affected all aspects of women’s lives. Writers from all continents and all walks of life discuss its personal and professional impact. They range from a myth-busting Brazilian academic to an Angolan lesbian, from a Canadian ex-prisoner to the mother of a gender-dysphoric teenager. They cover grassroots resistance in Japan, women’s spirituality and reproductive exploitation in South America. 

Thirty-five Country Reports detail the progress and setbacks for women’s sex-based rights as set out by the UN in 1979 and reiterated by the Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights. They expose how institutional capture by gender-identity ideology pervades many countries and every continent, while around the world women are denied reproductive autonomy and face widespread discrimination. 

Women' Rights, Gender Wrongs is a collaborative work, edited by WDI volunteers Sally Wainwright and Kath Aiken, and contributed to by around 115 women. 

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"This is a stunning piece of work, providing a meticulously researched, jaw-dropping snapshot of the global effects of gender identity ideology on women’s rights - and in particular, economically dispossessed women across the world.”

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