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"This is a stunning piece of work, providing a meticulously researched, jaw-dropping snapshot of the global effects of gender identity ideology on women’s rights - and in particular, economically dispossessed women across the world. The book is also a treasure trove of information for local activists. Due to the political climate, this kind of work could not have been done in Universities - but is no less rigorous for that. Indeed its quality only underlines that the very best work in uncovering the parlous state of women’s rights internationally is happening outside academia. Never has it been so clear how the influence of postmodern theorists, making up reality as they go along and insulated from the worst effects of their own constructions, has hurt women.”


"At a time when most people still have no idea why the move to use ‘gender’ instead of ‘sex’ and the introduction of the nebulous concept ‘gender identity’ has extremely harmful consequences for women and girls, books like Women’s Rights, Gender Wrongs provide an invaluable service to educate people.

In 28 informative and well-written chapters and 35 country reports we learn about the advances of trans ideology in such different places as Taiwan, South America, Angola and Japan. Whether we are talking about the situation of women in US shelters for the homeless who now have to contend with so-called transwomen (men) who demand access, lesbians who are not allowed to meet any more without allowing access to ‘translesbians with penises’ (men), or sports women who are cheated out of winning prizes and scholarships, women and girls are harmed.

Through the manipulation of language to exchange ‘woman’ for ‘birthing parent’, ‘cervix and front hole haver’ and ‘menstruator’, adult human females and girls are threatened with erasure. One after the other, the articles report eerily similar mechanisms: changes in law from sex to gender and the introduction of self-ID take place without fanfare and without public discussion. People believe that these changes are necessary to protect the human rights of the most marginalised group of all: transgender people. They don’t know that global woke capitalism financed by US transbillionaires is footing the bill behind the scenes. ‘Deadnaming’ and ‘misgendering’ people is now deemed a hate crime, using preferred pronouns a must, and calling feminists transphobic TERFs (trans exclusionary radical feminists) whom it is OK to rape and bash, is good. Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD) especially in girls is extremely well discussed in the context of teenagers’ immersion in social media, and various papers spell out the irreversible damage done to children’s and teenagers’ bodies through wrongly labelled ‘affirmative health care’ using puberty blockers and wrong sex hormones which must be stopped. Importantly, many contributors also talk about surrogacy, pornography and prostitution – other violations of women’s bodies and minds – that are pushed by the same pro-trans groups.

Women’s Declaration International and their country contacts must be congratulated for publishing the 360-page book Women’s Rights, Gender Wrongs. It is a cohesive and timely volume which will contribute to educating people. Give this book to your MP, your neighbour, your parents and urge them not to sell out women and girls to delusionary transspeak."

ANNE RAMMI, Brazilian author

"In this book, readers will find up-to-date information and incontrovertible arguments addressing the erosion of women's rights on a global scale. 'Women's Rights, Gender Wrongs: The Global Impact of Gender-Identity Ideology' is highly effective in exposing how financiers, governments, academia, the media, and the press have collaborated in the mass implementation of the neoliberal ideals represented by the transactivist agenda, which is nothing more than a patriarchal tool for perpetuating the subjugation of half of the world's population by the other half. Fortunately, in yet another historically challenging time for women, we have access to the research and thoughts of those who refuse to submit.”

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