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Gender ID laws:

In November 2019 the parliament approved a submitted vote of solidarity and condolence with the trans community on the occasion of Transgender Day of Remembrance. Two right-wing conservative parties voted against and abstained.

The vote's authors consider "the urgency of better support for this community" in areas such as employment, housing or health. Plus, "The Assembly of the Republic, meeting in plenary, expresses its condolences for all transgender or non-binary victims and their solidarity with the community, affirming its commitment to fight for their rights and for the end of discrimination and prejudice against these citizens, " says the decisive part of the vote. Click here to read the full article.

Gender self-determination law has been adopted which will allow the identification of gender non-conforming children in the school context and the adoption of measures promoting the right of self-determination (including access to changing rooms and toilets according to the gender with which the child identifies). These laws have had the influence of LGBTIQ organizations, also promoted by transactivism and have direct impact on women and girls, as the confusion created between gender and sex affects the safeguard of rights based on sex, as girls and boys will live in a reality where real patriarchal oppression will be camouflaged.

The minimum age to request gender reassignment surgery is currently set at 18.