Open letter to the Lord Mayor of Sydney

Dear Lord Mayor

We are writing from the Women’s Human Rights Campaign, a grassroots organisation that supports the sex-based rights of women and girls. We ask you to reconsider your recent downgrading of the Feminist Legal Clinic to a ‘C’ rating and restore its previous ‘A’ rating. 

The Feminist Legal Clinic runs a well-respected and much-needed operation on a very limited budget, providing critical legal services for women, many of whom are victims of sexual assault and/or domestic violence, poor, disabled, Indigenous, lesbian, Muslim and from other marginalised groups, and who require a woman-centred service that is sympathetic to their needs. 

Neither the Feminist Legal Clinic or WHRC are discriminatory organisations. FLC runs a dedicated service for women, an oppressed group, and supports the right of other organisations, such as the Inner City Legal Centre (also in receipt of an accommodation grant from Council), to operate a Trans and Gender Diverse Legal Service. WHRC supports the rights of everyone to live their lives free from discrimination and harassment, and argues against the erosion of women’s sex-based rights. You can read our FAQs here. Should you require further information from us we would be delighted to speak to you at any time. Please contact us on [email protected].

Yours faithfully

Women's Human Rights Campaign