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An update from Italy, October 2021:

On 27th October 2021 the bill on homotransphobia, called ddl Zan (from the name of the first signatory), was stopped in the Senate (the second of the two chambers we have in Italy). It was rejected in a secret ballot after the proponents refused to discuss any amendment and gather a larger support for the bill.   Technically, the law cannot be tabled again for the next six months, practically, it will not be presented anymore because of other deadlines looming on the Italian political horizon.

It is sad that Italy does not have anti-discrimination protection for homosexual people, but it is good that this particular text has been rejected because its core was the concept of 'gender identity'.  The proponents of the bill preferred to fail totally homosexual people and let the bill go under instead of finding a solution which could have protected everyone without introducing 'gender identity'. 

For months we have explained to whomever wanted to listen that 'gender identity' is dangerous for women and that trans-identified people can be protected using other wordings (eg transexuality, transexual identity, gender stereotypes).  We hope that in the future we can have a better antidiscrimination bill which does not hinge on gender identity as a way to introduce surreptitiously self-id in Italy.

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