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Information on "gender identity" legislation

The situation in Spain is quite worrying at the moment.

We have a left-wing coalition government since January 2020, of two parties, the Socialists (similar to Labour in the UK) and a new party that arose from the Occupy movement in 2015 and is the forefront of the “woke movement” in Spain, called Podemos (We Can).

During the campaign for the general elections (November 2019) that resulted in this Govermnent, both parties referred to the “need” to reform the current law that allows transgender people to change their “legal sex” on their ID card, passport, etc.

Podemos directly stated in their program that they’d seek to have self-ID made into law.

When in negotiations to conform the new Government, Podemos specifically asked for the area of Equality, and now they run it, having appointed as Director General for Women an LGBT activist very much in favour of current transgender ideology.

Indeed, in February 2021 two drafts for new legislation which included self-ID were leaked:

"Spain’s Equality Ministry drafts law that would let citizens change official gender without medical checks" (article in El País, February 3, 2021)

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Documents and other information of interest

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