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The Spanish Case

The Spanish Government approved in the Council of Ministers in June 2022, "The Bill of Law for the real and effective equality of trans people and for the guarantee of the rights of LGTBI people", fast-tracking it to Congress for urgent parliamentary processing. Even though the reasons for this urgency do not hold, Congress has given green light to the Government's request, and approved for the bill to be processed in the Equality Commission, as well as delegated full legislative competence over this norm, thus avoiding parliamentary debate in Congress Plenary Session.

Let’s not forget the public hearing of the actual "Draft Bill of Law " was held in the middle of last summer (August 2021), as is now habit for the Spanish Government to try to hide the content and actual reach of this anti-women law proposal. WDI Spain condemns these anti-democratic practices.

Women's Declaration International Spain (under our former name, Women's Human Rights Campaign) presented at the time our allegations against the Draft Bill of Law, a document which contradicts the "Declaration on the Rights of Women Based on Sex", as well as various International Human Rights Law Instruments, especially the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), ratified by the Spanish State in 1984 (which is therefore a mandatory norm in our country).


Under an apparently progressive and inclusive name, with words such as "equality" or "guarantee of rights", to keep the actual content under the radar, three key concepts have been introduced to be enshrined in the Spanish legal system, including the anti-scientific concept of "sexed souls in wrong bodies", as well as compelled speech for any citizen who does not hold this belief. Thus, violating the constitutional principles of guaranteeing freedom of speech, freedom of thought and the secular nature of the State, established in Article 16 of the Spanish Constitution:

The Bill of Law introduces:

  1. Self ID (art. 38 and following of BL).
  2. Banning by law any non-affirmative approach to ‘’felt identities’’(arts. 17 and 66.4 BL).
  3. Criminalizing dissent and introducing a new Gag Rule with fines up to 150.000 euro for having different ideological views to the Government, under the accusation of “hate” or ‘’fobia” (art. 76 BL).

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