WHRC response to gender ideologues keeping spreadsheets of our signatories

Yesterday we found out that some prominent gender ideologues have been keeping spreadsheets of our signatories' names. The Declaration is a public document, those who sign it understand their name and country will be public information and are proud to declare their support for the sex-based rights of women and girls. The only information that the trans activists have taken is that which is publicly available on our website. We would like to reassure our signatories that our database has not been breached.

We do not know why these people have been keeping track of our signatories or what they plan to do with the meagre information they have collected. We do know that people, especially women, expressing support for gender critical positions are continually threatened, harassed and abused by supporters of gender ideology. Many live in fear of losing their jobs, or worse. Actions like these contribute to a climate of threat and fear which is unacceptable in a liberal democracy. 

Despite the actions of these activists the Declaration has received many more signatures since yesterday, even accounting for the fakes, which we have removed. WHRC is incredibly grateful to all who have offered support. You can read more about the Declaration here and in our FAQ. We host weekly webinars which feature inspirational female speakers from all over the world talking about women’s rights in their countries. Come and join us!