Joint statement from WHRC and WoLF in support of Kathleen Stock

The Women’s Human Rights Campaign and the Women’s Liberation Front stand in solidarity with Dr. Kathleen Stock against the harassment she is facing for speaking up about the conflict between sex and so-called “gender identity.”

Women who voice the reality of sex have been subjected to intense harassment, physical threat, and loss of livelihood. For stating the simple fact that women are female, women have faced disciplinary actions from employers, police harassment, and criminal charges. This should be deeply concerning to anyone who cares about democracy and our basic civil rights.

Whilst freedom from persecution for expression of opinions is a universal human right, the freedom to state biological facts is especially critical to women and girls. It is not possible to protect women’s sex-based rights if we cannot acknowledge the reality of sex.

No citizen in a functioning democracy should be subjected to the threats Dr. Stock is now facing. We will not let her stand alone. We call on everyone--men and women, feminist or not, on the left and the right: this vicious, authoritarian behavior of the “gender identity” movement must be acknowledged for what it is and stopped.