WDI supports Australian politician Katherine Deves

WDI and our supporters all over the world stand in solidarity with Australian Liberal Party candidate for Warringah and co-founder of Save Women’s Sport Australasia, Katherine Deves, against the appalling harassment and threats she is receiving for standing for women’s sex-based rights. We condemn the vile abuse Ms Deves has received for defending women’s rights to single-sex sports, speaking out against the appalling exploitation of surrogacy and arguing that women have equal rights to freedom of opinion and expression, among other things. 

Freedom of expression is essential for democratic societies to function. It is the cornerstone on which many of our rights are based. Women cannot participate in politics and public life if they are unable express themselves freely and without fear.  

WDI supports the right of politicians, whatever their political affiliation, to express their concerns about the harmful effect of gender ideology and sex-based discrimination. Without freedom of expression politicians are unable to ensure that the rights of women and girls can be fully implemented and protected. 

We call on the Australian media and political establishment to condemn wholeheartedly the unwarranted, distressing and dangerous abuse to which Ms Deves is subject. 

Further information on the Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights

Article 4 affirms women’s rights to freedom of opinion and freedom of expression. “This should include the right to hold and express opinions about ‘gender identity’ without being subject to harassment, prosecution or punishment.”

Article 3 affirms that: “... harmful practices such as ... the commercial or altruistic exploitation of women’s reproductive capacities involved in ‘surrogate’ motherhood, are violations of the physical and reproductive integrity of girls and women, and are to be eliminated as forms of sex-based discrimination.”

Article 7 affirms women’s rights to the same opportunities as men to participate in sports and physical education