WDI supports Christina Ellingsen

WDI stands in solidarity with Christina Ellingsen, our Norwegian country contact. Christina Ellingsen is currently being investigated by the police because of tweets she had written in reply to Christine Marie Jentoft, a man who pretends to be a lesbian and a mother. Jentoft is a representative of Foreningen FRI, an organisation which campaigns to normalise sadomasochism, general fetishism and other misogynistic practices.

In one of her tweets, Ellingsen asked: “Why [does] FRI teach young people that males can be lesbians? Isn’t that conversion therapy?”
Ellingsen has also been accused by Amnesty International Norway of harassing Jentoft for telling him that he is male and that men cannot be mothers.

Article Four of the Declaration on Women’s Sex-based Rights affirms that women have the right to hold opinions without interference. This includes the right to hold and express opinions about ‘gender identity’, without being subject to harassment, prosecution or punishment.

Campaigning for women’s rights in not a hate crime. Women are adult human females and have sex-based human rights and needs. In order to define and defend these rights and needs, women must be able to speak openly, be free to call a man a man, to affirm that only women can be mothers and to say that lesbians are women who are exclusively same-sex attracted.

Under Norway’s new hate crime legislation, if convicted Christina could be facing up to three years in prison. You can support her by signing the declaration and by contributing to WDI Norway’s legal fund:

You can donate by vippse to 726580 (WHRC Norway - Women's Declaration International Norway)

Bank transfer to: 1254.63.45090, Women's Declaration International Norge

Or by donating 150 kr through the link below. (150 kr sponsors 5 minutes of a woman's lawyer expenses.)

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Read more about Christina's case in this article by Genevieve Gluck in Reduxx magazine.