Supporting the Repeal of the Gender Recognition Act 2004

In November 2020, WDI UK provided a Written Submission to the Women and Equalities Committee on Reform of the Gender Recognition Act, in which we argued that the GRA should be repealed.

WDI hold a firm position that the GRA legislation is detrimental to the rights of women, is homophobic, and is part of a widespread dismantling of crucial safeguarding, for which the Government has a statutory responsibility.

At the time of its enactment, it did not take into consideration the impact on women and children. 

In fact, it has undermined the safeguarding of children and of women who are victims of crime, including sexual crime; lacking capacity; in hospital; in need of intimate care; in closed psychiatric wards; in prisons. 

Removing the GRA from the statute books is a necessary step towards re-establishing that safeguarding.

There is a current petition to Repeal the GRA which closes on 24th May 2023.

The initial Government response was that the GRA “is effective, strikes the right balance”. 

We disagree, per our submission, and we encourage any UK citizen or resident who supports Repeal to sign and share this petition:

to show the UK government that public support for Repeal of the GRA to restore safeguarding is steadily growing.