May 2022 - call for articles

WDI is writing a book. Our working title is ‘The spread of ‘gender identity’ ideology around the world’. The first half will be articles about sex-based rights and 'gender identity' ideology from all over the world. We are looking for good quality, well researched articles on a broad range of topics and areas.

Call for proposals:

Proposals should includ a paragraph outlining what the article will cover, and a little information about the background of the author and your experience relating to the suggested topic.

Articles must:

  • Relate to the Declaration, for example, looking at the state of sex-based rights and/OR gender identity ideology
  • Be up to 2000 words maximum
  • Have a geographic focus (country, continent, political grouping etc.)
  • Be in English (we can help with editing and translation)

WDI aims to:

  • Include articles from a range of countries / geographic areas
  • Cover a range of topics

It is likely we will only publish one article about any specific country (maximum 2), but countries could also be included in articles looking at a wider geographic area - e.g. Brasil and South America

We will try to include all articles if we accept the proposals, but our final decisions will be also be based on quality and relevance, as well as available space

If there are a number of good proposals that we can’t include, we’ll look at other ways of publishing them, possibly on our website, in a specific country/area report or even in a second book.


  • Send your proposal to us by 7 June
  • We will let you know by 11 June if your proposal has been accepted
  • Final article must be submitted by 17 July

For more information please email our editor, Sally Wainwright.