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German transcripts of some of our talks:

  • Rona Duwe: Was bedeutet das Selbstbestimmungsgesetz (Self-ID) für Frauen, Kinder und Mütter? (18.07.2021)
  • Susanne Bischoff (03.07.2021): Sports, a German perspective (in English and German)
  • Ana Julia Di Lisio (in German, 21.03.2021). The glitter dictatorship: The case of Argentina.
  • Marie-Josèphe Devillers on surrogacy (in German and in English, 10.01.2021)
  • Lillian Hellwomon: What the LGBTIQ strategy by the European Union means to us, and: life hostile basic assumptions of transgender ideology (in German, 13.12.2020)
  • Ana Julia Di Lisio about reproductive rights in Argentina, gender-id-legislation worldwide and its effects on women in prisons (in German, 13.12.20)
  • Q&A with Veronica Voit und Sarah about womanhating in the queer scene (in German, 08.11.2020)
  • Prof. Sheila Jeffreys about male cross dressing behavior and drag (German translation, 11.10.2020)
  • Stefanie Bode about compelled speech in the feminist movement (in German, 19.08.2020)
  • Dr. Julia Long: The importance of language when we talk about transgenderism (German translation, 16.18.2020)

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